A Welcoming Fall Entryway

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times before, but owning a home is a lot of work!! Like a ton. There are so many more things we have to worry about and I feel like our list of to-dos never ends. There’s always something to be done. But, at the same time, owning a home has been quite rewarding. When we moved in, it was so nice to paint the walls and cosmetically update our home and it’s great to have the flexibility of knowing we can update whatever room we want.

Last winter, I was super excited to finally put my antique sleigh and toolbox filled with acorns outside our doorway to celebrate the holidays. I think I actually jumped a little when I realized it was already time to decorate the outside of the house for fall.

When taking inventory on the pieces I’ve hoarded throughout the years, I decided to use a couple of items I already had, as well as some new items I bought from antique and craft stores. I knew I wanted a mix of mums, pumpkins and a hay bale. I also wanted to achieve different dimensions, colors and heights, to give the entryway some depth and character. I made sure to group items that varied in size and height. I included the same flannel fabric on different pieces to tie both sides together.





To create this fall outdoor entryway, here’s what I used:

  • Tall cream shutter I bought from an antique store in the area
  • Bushel basket I bought from an antique store in the area. If you’re interested in creating a simliar look, you can buy barrels from Home Depot, which you can find here or in store. I got my inspiration for this from here.
  • Weathered fence post and ladder I found from an antique market
  • Shovel I bought at an antique store
  • A crate I found from an antique store. (DIY tip: a lot of craft stores sell unfinished wood crates that you can stain yourself. It’s cheaper and looks just as great)
  • Flannel fabric I bought from Hobby Lobby
  • Mums from Lowes – they can be found anywhere this time of year
  • Pumpkins from a local farm
  • Antique rake I found from an antique store. I made the burlap “fall” sign

I’ve noticed my collection of antiques increases every season and at this rate, we’re going to need to build a wraparound porch to fit everything I collect. If you visit an antique store this time of year, or any type of craft store, you’re bound to find outdoor items you can place on your porch or near your doorstep. I hope my outdoor entryway inspires you as you look around. Enjoy the exploring part because you never know what items may spark your creativity.

How are you decorating this fall? If you found inspiration from this post, don’t forget to tag your photo with #marinamakesdiy!!

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