Our 2017 Christmas Tradition List

The days tend to go by super quickly with a newborn. It’s like I blink at the beginning of the day and all of a sudden it’s dark out. It. Is. Crazy.

I’m normally a go-with-the-flow type of person, but lately I’ve had to turn to planning in advance and trying my best to stay organized because with a baby you can never do whatever you want whenever you want. Whether it’s a trip to Target, going for a run or hanging out just the two of us, EVERYTHING has to be planned in advance.


With Christmas around the corner, I know things are about to get even more hectic and busy (good busy!), and there are so many things I’d love to do as a family now that our daughter is at the age where she understands activities and finds joy in anything involving Christmas. The tricky part is how to get my procrastinator self to get our family to partake in Christmas traditions/activities throughout the month instead of waiting until the 23rd to do them all in one day.


That’s where a list comes in handy. I initially planned on sharing our Christmas Tradition List in hopes that some of you might want to add a couple of new traditions to your own list, but after writing this post, I’m noticing this is also for me to keep track and stay on top of my Christmas tradition game. I’ve got to keep myself accountable somehow. Le sigh.


This year, we plan on enjoying many traditions, that being said, I’m not going to put pressure on myself if a couple fall through the cracks. I also hope to add a couple more as we mosey along through our planned activities. Here’s our 2017 Christmas Tradition List:

  • Deck the halls and order pizza (we already checked this off our list!)
  • Purchase a real tree from a tree farm (we won’t be getting a real tree this year, and will be following this tradition every other year, until I convince my husband to do it every year)
  • Read a book each day in December leading up to Christmas Day (check out this Instagram post for my recommendations)
  • Put together a homemade advent calendar
  • Make homemade cinnamon rolls Christmas morning (this has been a tradition of ours the past two years)
  • Wear Christmas jammies on Christmas morning (we bought these from the Hearth & Hand collection)
  • Build a snowman and make hot cocoa (maybe with some homemade marshmallows?)
  • Visit the zoo to see Christmas lights
  • Watch all the sappy, corny Hallmark movies our hearts can handle
  • Bake Christmas cookies and deliver them to family and friends
  • Make and eat all the peppermint bark


I always enjoy finding new ways to celebrate holidays with my family and would love to hear if you have any traditions planned. Feel free to comment below!

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