Christmas Garland Tablescape

Does anyone else tend to get in arguments with their spouse when it comes to decorating? Asking for a friend…

Yeah right, totally asking for myself. For some reason, my husband actually cares about the million things I want to hang on the wall!! WHY?!? Do you know why it bothers me? Because I’m a control freak! But he is too, and that’s why there are plenty of times we don’t see eye to eye.


If I had a dollar for every time we argued about where to place something in our house, or whether or not to choose the matte paint finish instead of eggshell, I’d have like $10. We don’t argue about it all the time, but there have been plenty of quarrels since we’ve been married.


That brings me to this past weekend, a few hours before we were about to have our friends over for a Christmas get together. The appetizers and desserts were all prepped, the kids had napped and my husband had just finished vacuuming when he realized the garland I wanted to place in the center of our table was still in the car (don’t even get me started on why he decided to vacuum before bringing live greenery into the house).


Can you say pine needles everywhere? It was a disaster. He was mad that there was tree trimmings everywhere and I cringed at the way it looked on the table. The back and forth was unbelievable. Needless to say, we got over it and met in the middle (he swept and I decked out the garland). Aren’t the things married couples argue about funny?


Anyway, the real purpose of this post wasn’t to complain about our arguing, it’s to share how it turned out in case you need inspiration for the gatherings you’re hosting this month. I decorated mine with some berries I bought at Trader Joe’s and antique bells I bought from Hobby Lobby. I also stuck a couple of antique gold candle holders (bought at a thrift shop) to give the tablescape some warmth and height. I used our everyday plates from Crate & Barrel and topped each with a coaster I found in the dollar section at Target, some greenery and a part of a berry stick. It added a nice, festive touch and our friends got to take a coaster home with them.


One thing I will note, we wish we would have had the nursery cut ours to fit the length of the table, because cutting it on our own made a huge mess! I’d definitely recommend asking the store or nursery you’re buying it from to cut it if they can.


If you end up finding inspiration from this post, don’t forget to tag #marinamakesdiy!

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