Time is moving fast, but I’m pretty sure our Emory is moving faster. He’s calm, but he’s so sneaky and quick. A ninja, really. Grabbing at spoons when we feed him, pulling at his sister’s hair (in a playful way of course) and trying to crawl and pull up on some of his toys. And whenever he’s reaching or doing something mischievous, he bats his puppy dog eyes at us and smiles. Long story short, we’re in trouble.

Some updates…

Foodie in the Making

After experiencing the foodie our daughter was (and still is), we thought we were doomed to have a horrible eater next because she would and still does eat mostly anything. To our surprise, he seems to like food more than her. I think he’d eat all day if we let him and he’s tried a ton of different foods – greens, fruits, meat, you name it and he’s liked it all! I don’t know how we got so blessed with two great eaters (so far!), but I’m obviously so grateful  because food is a big deal to us.

We did have a little allergic reaction scare when we fed him Greek yogurt for the first time. A couple of hours after he feeding him, he had a pretty bad rash on his cheeks and chin. We’re staying away from yogurt for a couple of weeks and will try again, but I’m praying he’s not allergic.


Long Hair, Don’t Care

Homeboy’s hair is so long that we’ve already trimmed it twice. Crazy!! We make babies with a lot of hair – his sister had even more at this point. I love that whenever people meet him for the first time, it’s the first thing they comment on. I’m curious to see how he’ll like to style it when he’s older. Frosted tips? Spiky? I hope not!


Sibling Bonding 

My favorite, favorite, favorite part about Emory in this stage of his life is the way he adores and interacts with his sister. It’s what we dreamed about when we were trying to get pregnant with him and it’s surreal seeing their bond grow right before our eyes. She’s so sweet and protective of him and loves to make him laugh and squeak. He loves her so much and is always looking around for her. He bounces his whole body up and down when we walk toward her room in the morning to get her and as soon as I put his car seat in the car, he leans his head over to make sure she’s there with him. She giggles and he squeaks back. It is pure heaven seeing them interact and just have each other. I can’t wait for the many memories they’ll share together.



In other news, Emory is currently fighting an ear infection, but he’s been such a trooper through it all. Prayers that he can get rid of it are very much appreciated!

Other than wanting some warmer weather around here, everything else is going great! Life is completely normal as a family of four. I feel like we’re in a total groove now that Emory is on a predictable schedule. We’ll be traveling in April and Emory will get to dip his little toes in the ocean for the first time! We’re so excited for some beach time and to see Peyton frolic and play in the sun. Let’s hope we survive the plane rides.

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