Our 1923 Colonial

About a month ago, we closed on our new home, a 1923 colonial in the town we’ve been living in the past 2-3 years. We have enjoyed it so much so far. From the creaky floors to the antique hardware on the doors, we’ve fallen in love with having a house with character and charm, and look forward to making it our own as time goes on.

Our search for a new home started in late winter after checking out a house on the market that caught our eye. After touring the house, my husband and I started to pay attention to the market and began discussing the things we wanted in a home. We decided if we found something we were serious about, we’d put our house on the market. A few things we were specifically looking for was enough room for this to be a forever home, a house close to the downtown area in our town, something old, but in good condition, and space that had potential to eventually be renovated.

It seemed like we spent years looking, but it ended up only being a few months. After seeing a handful of houses, I started to get anxious and frustrated not knowing where we’d end up or what would happen. I kept asking my husband and realtor, are we ever going to find something that suits our family?

In the spring, a house came on the market that caught Brett’s eye. He had me look at the pictures online, but I wasn’t interested. I wasn’t a fan of the exterior of the house and it looked like the house needed a lot of updating. But Brett persisted – he kept bringing it up and drove us past to see it. I finally agreed and we scheduled a showing with our realtor. Our first couple of steps in the house were quiet, but as we walked through each room and saw the charm and potential, we both knew it was “the one”. We made an offer and the rest is history.

It’s still surreal to both of us, even as we sit in bed tonight. We are so grateful to God for His blessings and providing a home for our family to grow in. We love the fact that down the road we’ll have stories to tell and that our children will be able to be a part of the process of making our house a home. Right now, we have a long list of to-dos – mostly little things, but also a few big projects we’d like to do as time goes on. I look forward to sharing the projects with all of you and hope to be more present here on the blog now that we’re settled in.

Hope you all have a happy Friday!

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