Barnyard Birthday Bash

Last week, we celebrated our Emmy boy’s first birthday with a barnyard birthday bash. I’ve always had fun putting our daughter’s birthday parties together and figured I enjoyed planning them because of the cute, girly aspects, but to my surprise, our son’s birthday turned out to be one of my favorites! Being a boy-mom continues to surprise me on the daily.

We decided on a barnyard birthday bash for multiple reasons – farm animals are so adorable, rustic country decor is our thing and we knew we’d be able to have it at an old red barn in the town my husband and I grew up in.

As soon as I knew we had access to the red barn, my thoughts flew all over the place, but my vision for everything didn’t come together until about a month or less before the party. I collect antiques, so I had plenty of old farmhouse pieces at home and staged a lot of what I wanted at home to get a better idea of the feel of the party. I absolutely recommend doing this before you have any type of party – that way you’re not scrambling hours before. Everything turned out to be subtle, rustic and fun (especially those party hats on the animals!). I was really happy with how everything came together.

Even though I didn’t do a lot of planning, I did decide to execute some of my DIY projects. I ended up making party hats for the guests (and little animals), stained crates that I bought from Joann Fabrics, created chalkboard signs and made his first year photo display on an old screen I found from an antique shop. I also made guests little mason jars of BBQ rub as a thank you, and gave the kiddos mason jars filled with little toys and goodies. I kept it simple with food, catering some of it and having family members bring side dishes or desserts.

The barn is off of a busy street, surrounded by a shopping center and a wooded area. I was kind of nervous about the noise and weather, but it couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun was shining and the entire barn and beyond was shaded as the sun began to set. I honestly didn’t even notice any noise from the street or shopping center.

The birthday boy couldn’t have enjoyed himself more. He visited with all of the guests, played games and was his smiley self before and after we sang happy birthday. As always, my favorite part was singing happy birthday and looking out at all of the people that love him so much. I can’t thank our family and friends enough for celebrating with us. Our hearts were so full at the end of the night.

Now to start thinking of birthday ideas for next year… just kidding (maybe)!






















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