The Month of the Husband

It’s normally all about food and babies around here, but today, I’m going to write about the man who pushed me to start Marina Makes (he also gets credit for the name itself). Not only does he support me, but he encourages me to dream big and believe in myself. My handsome huz turned 30 last week and the beginning of this month marked 10 years of knowing one another, so I guess he deserves some room on my editorial calendar this time of year.

engagement 3

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engagement 10

Ten years ago I “met” Brett for the first time. Met in quotations because we went to the same high school and knew of each other, but never actually spoke to one another. But we didn’t just know of each other… there were several times we remember passing each other in the hall and a couple of times we remember being at the same place or in the same room.

Not only do I remember being in the same place, but I also recall having a distaste for him. That sounds so bad, but it’s true! For starters, there were multiple occasions my friends would suggest going down the blue hall to pass Brett’s locker and I can’t tell you how annoyed that made me. To me, he was the guy that so many girls in my grade had a crush on, the “typical” jock, and therefore I automatically assumed he must be a cocky dud with an ego the size of our town. For the record, I was right about the ego – ha!

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engagement 14

While I was off making negative assumptions about Brett and rolling my eyes at his perfect stature and very impressive basketball skills, Brett noticed me. He noticed me so much he still remembers seeing me walk down the hall in my obnoxious school spirit gear. Before ever speaking a word to each other, Brett asked a couple of our mutual friends in high school if we’d ever work out as a couple. They came back swinging with a big N-O, so he decided to ditch the idea of us and we went through high school never muttering a word to each other.

And there was this one time I remember most about being around Brett before “meeting him”. We were in his parent’s backyard and I was hanging out with his brother and our friends when Brett walks in. Someone asked him a question and he made a comment and I thought in my head, I will never date him. Ever. What’s the saying? Never say never?

engagement 1

engagement 8

Looking back on it all, I can see so many instances of God weaving our story together. We didn’t even know each other, but somehow we had a history. There were so many moments the universe, other people and even the two of us thought we would never work out, but God was behind the scenes rooting for us and thinking, just you wait.

I remember meeting him like it was yesterday. It was cold, the air was crisp and we gathered with mutual friends at our high school for the homecoming game. We left the game and went to Wendy’s where Brett used his charm and half-smirk to try and win me over. I’ll admit, I was pissed that he was doing it, but it worked. Later on, we went to our friend’s house for a bonfire and while we were sitting next to each other and talking, Brett put his hand on my leg. As I type it, it sounds creepy, but there was nothing weird about it at all. I felt butterflies and comfort and this assurance that he felt something for me.

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engagement 13

I still remember all of the songs I listened to following our first time meeting and the way it felt to experience something different with him. I remember dancing around my parents’ house with so much joy before we hung out just the two of us for the first time. So many memories run through my brain and I love talking about them with one another because I never want to lose a single detail. I know that’s impossible, but reliving the moments is a constant reminder of why we fell in love and why we both work hard to make our relationship work. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies and we often fight like a cat and dog, but I honestly couldn’t have ever imagined a more perfect person for me.

engagement 11

So, to my husband: while most of this post consists of me poking fun at what a tool I thought you were before actually knowing you, what I really wanted to say is that I’m so glad you’re above and beyond what I ever expected you to be. I love being yours and I hope your 30th is a memorable and joyful year. I love you.

Photos by Katherine Salvatori Photography

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