A Look Back on 2018

It’s mind boggling to me how quickly a year can pass by. Certain seasons or weeks tend to drag on (especially the dreadful, cold winter months), while others zip by, but no matter what, I’m always surprised how quickly time passes at the end of each year.


2018 brought us so many wonderful moments as a family of four and God has been so faithful to our family. We bought our second home, a place we’ve grown to love so much, Peyton started preschool and we celebrated Emory’s first birthday. We traveled to Alabama and Michigan together, and Brett and I were even able to get away just the two of us to Florida. We attended a couple of our good friends’ weddings, babies were born and some of our friends got engaged. We all seem to be growing up in this season of life.


With so much happening, I can’t help but wonder if I enjoyed it enough. Did I soak in the sweet moments with my family as much as I could? Did I spend enough time talking with friends? Did I let the little things go? A part of me says yes, but another part of me says no. And that’s a part of life. There are going to be times I feel like I’ve given life my all, and other times I tell myself I didn’t do enough, but I’m trying my best to erase the times I think the latter.


We ended this year gathering with family and friends, followed by a series of super lazy days with each other. Can I just tell you, this week and a half has been SO good for me. Spending time with people I love and forgetting all of the minuscule things in life is the way I want to end every year moving forward.


So, about 2019… I’m obviously not sure what it will bring, and I haven’t thought much about what I’d like to focus on,  but I know that throughout the year, I’ll continue to work hard at being a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. There will be days I’ll be disappointed in my effort, but I hope I give myself and others grace, and just recognize I can’t do it all. As long as I focus on the love these three (and so many more give me), I know I’ll be good to go. Cheers to 2019, friends! I hope the new year brings you a fresh start and perspective.


Photos by Julia Maruyama Photography

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