2019 Valentine’s Day Boxes

I don’t think I’ve ever been this ahead of schedule when it comes to the holidays, but the kids’ Valentine’s Day boxes are ready to go and we haven’t even hit February! I’m pretty proud of my (normally) procrastinating-self. I got a HUGE head start on collecting gifts this year because I knew I wanted to partner with a couple of shops and share with all of you for inspiration! I personally love seeing what other mamas get their kiddos during the holidays.


I shopped small and large this year, with an aim to include a couple of Etsy shops; everyone I connected with was great to work with and I’m so thankful they are each a part of the kids’ boxes.


To fit all of the goodies I purchased, I found big boxes at Target. They’re from its Spritz line and come in a few colors. I decided I wanted more of a neutral look for each and glued construction paper to each box using modge podge.

P.S. If you’d like a closer look at both boxes, I also did an unveiling on Instagram stories and will be saving the content in the highlights section on my page.

Peyton’s Box



P’s box was a blast putting together and I loved all of the feminine and practical pieces that are a part of her box. I know she’s going to squeal when she opens it up and sees everything! The box includes our favorite bows from Turbans for Tots, the most loving book, and colorful personalized crayons from Kages Crayons. Here’s the list of gifts in P’s box:

Emory’s Box



This will be Emmy boy’s first Valentine’s box, and while I’m sure he’ll initially be more interested in the shredded paper filler, I know he’s going to enjoy his gifts just as much as P! His box includes the same personalized crayons from Kages Crayons, a book that perfectly describes him and some educational goodies I think he’ll be able to play with for a while. Below is a list of gifts in Emory’s box:

  • Personalized crayons from Kages Crayons (for 10 percent off use code: SAVE10 – it’s valid until 2/28)
  • Our favorite bandanna bibs from Copper Pearl (this brand is legit and they absorb so much more than any other brand we’ve tried!)
  • Hug Machine by Scott Campbell
  • First Vocabulary Stroller Card Set from Anthropologie
  • Stickers and stacking puzzle from Target’s dollar spot
  • Acrylic Paint from Target 

Putting these together was a blast and trying to make both Peyton and Emory’s boxes unique and different from one another was the best part. It honestly felt like Christmas all over again. I’ve always been a fan of Valentine’s Day, so I’m looking forward to making all three of my valentines feel special on Feb. 14. I hope you have just as much fun celebrating this holiday!

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