2019 Easter Basket Inspiration

I’ve been thinking about the kids’ Easter baskets for some time now between searching for shops on Etsy and finding inspiration from some of the influencers I follow. It was super important for me to include local shops because there’s so much heart and soul that goes into small business and it’s really important for me to shop small and support my fellow mamas!


I was super excited to find out that a few local moms are hosting a Bring Your Own Easter Basket (BYOEB) Market here in Wheaton this Saturday, April 6. The market will feature products from several local shops and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be including products from each shop in the kids’ baskets. These moms work so hard to balance life with kids while managing their shops, and they create cute and unique products for our kiddos which is so special. If you’re interested in attending, please email heartmadedough@gmail.com for more information.


As always, I loved putting together these baskets for the kids. I just find so much joy in creating things for them and imagining what their reactions will be like when they discover the goodies inside. Whether you spend $5 or $50 on a basket this year, know that the thought and effort you put into your baskets is what counts. There is no doubt in my mind your children will love what you’ve put together for them. These baskets include more than what I’m used to, but supporting local shops in my area was a must for me which is why they are on the “fuller” side. Now on to the baskets! Below is a list of items/shops for each basket.

Peyton’s Basket

Our little girl’s basket is garden themed because she is so excited to dig in the dirt this spring and can’t stop talking about the herbs and veggies we will grow in our garden. She has a garden tool set, and a lot of these items in her basket will help with her gardening obsession grow.




Emory’s Basket

Emory’s basket is sort of spring/outdoors themed and includes a lot of the same local/small shops. I know he’s going to have a ton of fun discovering everything in his basket.




There you have it! If you’re local, I hope you’ll support the small shops I mentioned above and visit the market on April 6! A huge thanks again to all of the local shops for working with me and gifting us some of these goodies.

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