Our Family Dynamic

It’s normally in the morning, or late afternoon when I witness it most. The shrieks of happiness, the giggles, the pitter patter of four feet, and the sounds of two siblings playing in their own make believe world of monsters, princesses and dogs.

It’s been a relationship that’s grown abundantly with every milestone. When Emory started to smile, Peyton would do anything to try to make him grin. Then, when he began to walk, he’d waddle over into Peyton’s arms, and several months ago, when he started talking more, she’d teach him words and phrases. And now, they’re talking back and forth, and following (mostly Emory follows) each other around the house as they play and enjoy time together. It’s something I’ll always feel honored to be able to observe.


While, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies (they have their fair share of playing vicious cat and dog – ha!), it’s one of the most sweet and fun sibling relationships, and it feels too good to be true that our kids genuinely love each other. And to be honest, seeing them have and enjoy each other is one of the main reasons we wanted to add another little one to our family.


And now that he/she will be here before we know it (almost halfway there – eeeek!), I find myself thinking a lot about our family dynamic now and how a little one will change us. I’m especially mindful of the ways he/she will change the relationship between Peyton and Emory. I feel like these thoughts normally cloud my mind when I’m pregnant – how will we adapt when it’s not just the two of us, or the three of us? But this time, it’s a relationship out of my control because I’m not one of the people involved.


It’s terrifying. It’s exciting. But I know deep down that it’s going to be okay! If I’ve learned anything from my previous pregnancies/births, it’s that God is faithful and always good, and he brings beauty in change and time. While I knew bringing Peyton into the world would shift our lives, it turned out to be the most beautiful gift. And with Emory, it was that same gift of parenthood, but also gave Peyton a little best friend. Did things always go perfectly? No. Were they exactly the way I pictured them? No. But here’s the thing, He made sure to sprinkle in many moments that were a million times better than I imagined, and that’s why I’m choosing to trust in Him this time around.


And here’s the thing, with another sibling or not, their relationship will always be ebbing and flowing because what sibling relationship doesn’t? My brother and I went through some times of being really close, and really distant, and now I’d consider us really close again, and I know my husband can say the same with his siblings.


I just hope and pray that through their changing relationship they continue to love each other and be reminded of the ways they leaned on one another in this moment in time. And while I am anxious about what’s to come, I do look forward to continue witnessing their bond and watch them work together as they take on their new big sister and big brother roles. Oh, and to their new little brother or sister, just an FYI, you just won the jackpot with these two.

Cheers to all moms and dads for not having control over their children’s relationships, even though they want to manipulate every aspect of their lives (hehe)!

Photos taken by the very talented, Julia Maruyama Photography

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