Christmas Bead Garland

About a month ago, the kids and I ventured to the Christmas antique markets in the area and it actually went better than I expected. I go all the time with Peyton, but this time decided to bring Emory with. I knew it would be crowded and I was outnumbered and pregnant, so I told myself if it got chaotic, I would just leave. Simple as that.


Luckily, the sweet people at the antique stores load their places with treats for guests to enjoy so the kids had a lot of fun getting a treat at each one. We went to three stores and of course, found antiques we liked at all of the stores. We came home with a vintage santa cookie jar, a santa in a glass dome (almost like a snow globe with no snow or water), antique pez dispensers (for the kiddos!) and wood bead garland.


After paying about $12 for two short strands of garland and hanging it around the top of my tree, because that’s as far as it got, I thought about going back to the antique store to buy more. Thank goodness the light bulb in my head went off – come on, Marina, you can make this yourself!


So of course, I trolled Amazon and found these 20mm beads, a large spool of twine and two days later, my daughter and I were in garland-making-paradise. It was so easy, even she was able to help and work on threading skills! Literally all you have to do is string the beads through the twine and create knots at the ends (big ones if you’re hanging these to something). It’s such a simple garland and cheaper to make yourself. Plus, I like having as many strands as I want because I can put them all of the house and it kind of ties my decor together.


I hope you find inspiration from this post. Happy decorating, friends!


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