Third Trimester With Our Third

We’ve made it to the final stretch!! My bump continues to grow, the kicks are getting stronger and carrying baby girl around is making me more and more tired toward the end of the day. Hello third trimester!

This pregnancy has flown by which makes me think that maybe these next couple of months will drag a little, but I look forward to soaking up our time as a family of four. Last pregnancy, I felt really emotional about our family dynamic changing, but this time I feel really happy about what’s to come. I really look forward to meeting her, seeing who she looks like and experiencing her personality, but what I’m most excited about is seeing the kids with her. Watching Peyton with Emory for the first time and the love she had for him right off the bat was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever witnessed and I truly admire the way she continues to love, care for and teach her brother. There’s no doubt in my mind she will love on her sister and I’m curious to see how Emory does. He’s such a sweetheart, but also my little buddy, so who knows how the transition will go for him.

I’ve felt great the past several weeks. It’s been really nice being pregnant in the winter as opposed to summer this time around. I’m normally in hibernation mode this time of the year, and pregnancy has given me even more of an excuse to lay low and relax. The kids have enjoyed talking about the baby, including where she will sit at our table, how big she will be, and Peyton thinks they should have bunk beds in her room – ha! Peyton has felt the baby kick several times and Emory is constantly pointing out the baby in my tummy. And every week I get a reminder from Peyton: “mama, we need to watch the baby video!”. They both really enjoy sitting with me while I watch the What to Expect weekly video update.

In other news, this week, I experienced my first time being pregnant with the stomach flu. It was horrible. I will not go into further detail.  I’ve continued to stay active when I have time and am still running. At this point, I’m only running one to two miles at a time. My joints have become super stiff  and it’s more difficult to carry more weight. And this week, I take the ever-so-dreadful glucose test. I did not have gestational diabetes with my first two pregnancies, but failed the first test with Peyton and will forever be scared by the three-hour test I had to take after failing. THE WORST!

Last night as Brett was giving the kids a bath, I took out each of the kids’ ultrasounds and we looked at the sweet faces all cozy in my womb. We compared the three wondering what/who our newest family member will look like. Two of the little babes in the fuzzy black and white images sat right there in front of us in the bath, splashing away, and in no time, there will be three of them. And life will never be the same. We can’t wait to meet you, little one.


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