Watercolor Rainbow Craft

Happy March, friends!!

I’ve never been big on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but I do enjoy having corned beef and cabbage the day of and of course, a handful or two of Lucky Charms. But with the kids, it’s been fun to do special things for each holiday. Last year, we made these Lucky Charm marshmallow treats and plan to make them again this year!


And this year, we’re celebrating by making these watercolor rainbows to hang in their rooms. We’re all about the rainbows in our house especially with baby girl arriving. When I started to think about her nursery, I wanted Peyton to be able to have some input because she’s been excited for her arrival and she suggested rainbows, so we’re going with a rainbow theme. I can’t wait to see it all come to life in the next few weeks.



To make these rainbows, we used white construction paper, scissors, watercolors, paint brushes, glue, glitter, a hole punch and string. To make the rainbow shapes, we folded multiple pieces of paper in half and traced arches (see the picture below) and made them smaller with each piece of paper.



After painting each arch, we let the paint dry and glued each one to each other, starting biggest to smallest. Next, we cut out a cloud and glued it to the bottom of the rainbow. Using a new brush, we spread glue all over the cloud and sprinkled glitter on top. As a last step, we punched a hole at the top and tied a string.


If you end up making this craft, don’t forget to tag #marinamakesdiy!

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