Bunny Popsicle Stick Craft

How are you all doing? Hanging in there? We have our great days, and our not-so-great days. Our days filled with different activities, and days when all I want to do is sleep or get housework done. It’s strange not seeing anyone and barely going anywhere besides the doctor’s office and the Target parking lot for my drive up orders, but it’s also been really nice spending so much quality time just the four of us. We are so grateful Brett is able to work from home and pop in throughout the day to play or eat with us, and soon we will all be together 24/7 when he goes on paternity leave.


Today, to hopefully brighten your day and bring you some Easter cheer, I’m posting a bunny craft I put together with the kids! It uses multiple “crafting skills” (painting, cutting and gluing) and it gave us something fun to do together over the weekend.

The thing I love most about this craft is that you can adapt it and use supplies and crafty things (buttons, string, paper, beads, etc.) you have lying around your house to make it your own. This craft was inspired by the book We’re Going on an Egg Hunt and the little popsicle stick bunnies we made are supposed to be hunting for our finger-painted eggs through the grass.


To make this craft, I used a thick construction paper and cut a slit towards the bottom to create a space for the bunny to hop through. Next, I had the kids use their thumbs to create little Easter eggs. We sprinkled some glitter on ours and set the paper aside to dry. You can also have your kids decorate their eggs with marker when the eggs are done drying.


While the eggs were drying, we made our bunnies. We cut a bunny shapes out of felt (you can do the same with paper or another material you have at home) and glued little pom poms to make a nose, eye and tail. Finally, we glued the bunny to a popsicle stick.


To make our grass, we colored a white sheet of paper with green, and I had Peyton cut grass blades with scissors. We glued them to the bottom part of our sheet of paper to cover up the slit we made. Our final step was cutting out little clouds. You can add a sun, flowers, butterflies – whatever you want! Have you kiddos get creative with it.


If you end up making this craft, I’d love for you to share! Please tag #marinamakesdiy and reach out with any questions. If you’re looking for a step-by-step video, visit my Instagram here.

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