My Favorite Baby Products

When I was pregnant with our first, registering for baby products was pretty overwhelming. I did a lot of research and turned to blogs to gather opinions and build our wish list of items. It was very helpful reading through what other moms found necessary vs. unnecessary because there are so many products and it was tough for me to determine what I was going to use for my little ones. I also learned very quickly that every single child is different, so what works for one of your children may not work for another.

A majority of the baby products we registered for have been used by all three of our children, and with each child we have purchased a couple more items that we weren’t aware of or  weren’t available when our first or second was born. Before Sage was born, I did purchase a handful of items I had my eye on throughout my pregnancy and we had a few things gifted to us that I wanted to share with you all. And while I’m sharing some new stuff I purchased this time around, I also might as well link some of my tried-and-true favorite baby products. I hope my list is helpful and not too overwhelming!

Maden Bag (formerly Joone): I came across this backpack after seeing it on an influencer’s Instagram story. I truly adore the look, color and thought of having a backpack stylish enough that I can use it long after Sage is out of diapers. This was my birthday present to myself this year! The quality is so great, it’s very functional and I love it so much that I want to bring it everywhere.

L’ovedbaby Organic Cotton Footed Overall: I purchased one of these footed onesies after making some returns at a department store and we’ve loved putting Sage in it at night. It’s soft, warm, and has footies and fold-over sleeves making it extra cozy. They are sold on Amazon, so I was able to easily purchase another pair.

Turbans for Tots Bows: I bought my first bows for Peyton from this small shop and continue to do so! We adore their headband and bow selection, and can’t get enough of their fun prints. I recently purchased a sage hat from their shop.

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger: I went back and forth on purchasing this lounger because of the price and while we haven’t used it as much as I had planned, I have a feeling I will be using it a lot more when Brett gets back to work and I’ll be busier with my other two and need a place to put Sage down. I’ll try to update my opinion once we use it more.

Auden Nursing Bra: A good friend of mine bought this bra for me and I love it so much! Auden is a Target brand and their nursing bras come in really pretty colors and are very soft and comfortable. I am really impressed. They are very affordable too!

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter: When your nips are put through the ringer those first couple of weeks, a good nipple cream is essential! I love that this one is organic too and I’ve been using this butter after every feeding.

Copper Pearl Swaddle & Solly Swaddle: Sage has been the first of our babies that has preferred a traditional cloth swaddle. She’s not complicated, doesn’t need fancy zippers or ties – she just wants to be wrapped like a burrito! One of my good friends gifted us a Copper Pearl swaddle and we absolutely love it. We also purchased a swaddle from Solly Baby that’s very similar material and it’s one of our favorites too. We switch between the two and they have both worked really well for Sage. We also purchased this crib sheet from Solly Baby that is great quality and is the same soft material as the swaddle.

Pottery Barn Bunny Plush: It’s been a tradition for us to purchase a plush animal for each of our children from Pottery Barn and we got Sage a little bunny. These plushes are classic and adorable, and both of our oldest sleep with theirs every night.

Chewable Charm Organic Teether: I love any chance to shop small and purchasing this rainbow teether from this shop was a no-brainer. I like that it matches her room and plan on attaching it to her play gym.

Monomat: A very lightweight play mat that’s neutral, easy on the eyes and can be folded up in a cinch when space is getting crowded or guests are coming over. We’ve already started using it with Sage and I have a feeling we will be using it for many years to come.

Okay… here are some of my all-time favorite baby products. I’ll keep this list short and sweet:

  • Lalabu Soothe Shirt: Hands down my favorite baby product. The sweetest way to keep your baby close those first few weeks.
  • Solly Baby Wrap
  • BOB Single and BOB Double Strollers: We don’t have experience with any other stroller brand, but have been very happy with both of our BOBs for walking and running.
  • Mamaroo
  • Copper Pearl Drool Bibs: Best drool bibs I’ve ever purchased!
  • IKEA High Chair: Cheap, simple and lightweight.
  • Dr. Brown’s Bottles
  • Merlin Sleep Suit: Pretty much the miracle suit! You put baby in this when they outgrow their swaddles and start to roll over. This thing is gold and keeps baby sleeping peacefully throughout the night!!
  • Wubbanubs: Peyton was obsessed with hers and Sage has really preferred this pacifier as well

So there you have it! Some new products I’ve purchased for Sage and me, and some of my favorite tried-and-true baby products. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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