Three Months with Sage Emelia

Our baby girl turned three months yesterday and while it seems like a short amount of time, it’s also hard to remember life without her. She’s been the sweetest little addition to our family and I’m so grateful to be her mama. I can’t believe we were ever on the fence about having another because life with Sage has opened our hearts in so many ways and allowed us to treasure the newborn phase one last time.

She came into the world rather quickly and her resemblance to Peyton brought me back five years ago. It was such a strange feeling looking at another baby Peyton, but she has quickly changed and started to take on features from both her siblings!


We didn’t know what to expect when we brought her home and what life would look like with three, but she has pretty much made it all a breeze since day one. She’s calm, always fine with all of the chaos going on, extremely smiley and has a go-with-the-flow attitude (which I hear is the case with most third children). A part of me feels like she has to have this type of personality because we have so much going on, but I also really think it’s because she has such a loving and joyous heart.

It’s always nerve-racking working through the newborn phase with all of the exhaustion, frustration around not having as much freedom, and arguing about which method will work best, but both Brett and I have really savored our first couple of months with Sage knowing she’s our last. With this in mind, it’s been the best newborn experience we’ve had. The newborn phase has always been tough and we’ve had plenty of not-so-joyous moments (hello week 6 and 7 when crying was at its peak and a growth spurt decided to occur!!), but we’ve also been intentional about enjoying it. It doesn’t hurt that being stuck at home allowed us to establish a schedule right when we brought her home which helped us all a lot.


During the first three months, we’ve watched Sage smile at us and have the biggest googly eyes towards Brett. She’s melted our hearts with her first coos and we’ve cheered her on watching her crush her tummy time! It’s been the best seeing her start to interact with her siblings too. You can tell she’s very eager to join them in their play and is very captivated by both of them. She loves to try to join in when we sing to her, appreciates being wrapped up tightly in her cloth swaddle during naps and bedtime, and enjoys taking a bath every night. She’s become more used to her car seat (boy, did she hate that thing at first!), loves her paci when she’s sleepy and has recently started to bat at the wooden toys that hang from her baby gym.

I truly wish I could bottle these three months up and remember the feelings, her smell and sweet smiles and sounds forever. I hate that I won’t be able to recall every little detail, and that some moments will begin to grow faint, but I’m so grateful to have experienced it all.

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