Spider web shapes

Now that we have almost two months of homeschool under our belts, can I call myself a homeschool mom? I certainly feel like one. Some days are great and we get through lessons easily, other days Peyton is not into it, Emory wants me to go through school with him at the same exact time (not possible!) and Sage is whining up a storm. It can be crazy, but also really awesome, and while most days I feel like a hamster crazily running on a spinning wheel, I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are amazing kids and I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to teach them new things each day, be their teacher and mama. Oh, and their lunch lady, cleaning lady and chauffeur. Haha! Cheers to all the moms wearing all the hats in this season of life. I will raise my glass of wine to all of you tonight!

Throughout the month of September, we learned about trees, seasons and why the trees change color in the fall. We did some crafts, read many books and even made some seasonal trees for lunch one day. This month, we’ve been focusing on all things Halloween. I’ve been getting a lot of my activities from The Magic Playbook, a monthly digital subscription full of activities, recipes and printables – it’s amazing! We’ve completed many of October’s Halloween activities and crafts, and they have been fun, engaging and a great way to incorporate Halloween into our learning each day.

On top of that, we’ve also been enjoying our regular Halloween traditions and creating new crafts and recipes like these chocolate witch hats and these spider web shapes. We made several of these spider webs yesterday and the kids did really well working on them. We made them outside because glitter – ha! It didn’t hurt that it was nice out too.

The point of this craft is to practice tracing several different shapes. It also gives you opportunity to talk about the names of the shapes, how many sides each shape has, etc. This was a great craft for Peyton to do on her own and a great review of shapes for Emory. And when you’re done it’s a cute decoration to hang in the kids’ rooms or on the fridge!

Here’s what we used:
– White colored pencil
– Black construction paper
– Glue
– Glitter

Here’s how we put them together:

Using a white colored pencil or crayon, trace a shape on black construction paper and continue tracing the same shape, but smaller, inside the first shape. Repeat this step a couple more times. Cut the shape out and repeat these steps with other shapes.

Using the glue, trace over the lines you drew. To create a web, use the glue to draw lines to connect the bigger shapes to the smaller ones. Cover the web with glitter and shake to remove any excess. Allow the webs to dry for an hour or two.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step on how to put this together, check out my Instagram stories (I’ll save this to my Halloween highlight), and if you end up making these spider web shapes, I’d love to see them! Feel free to tag me on my social accounts.

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