Sage’s First Bee-day

A couple of weeks ago, our baby turned one!! Spending the past year watching Sage grow and become her little goofy, loving self has been incredible. She has been an absolute dream and we adore every single part of her. Her wispy curls, big bottom lip, and floppy movements constantly make us giggle, and her sweet demeanor make us want to eat her up. She truly has been the best addition to our family and I’m so grateful to be her mom. I love the bond she has with each of us. It’s been such a great year soaking her in and experiencing all of her firsts together as a family at home.

To celebrate, we hosted two separate small parties with our families two weekends in a row. While I would have loved to invite our friends and extended family, we wanted to keep things safe and it was nice having something intimate with our immediate families. I also didn’t mind getting to celebrate Sage twice.

I’ve been thinking through her first birthday even before she was born. For some reason, a bee theme has always stuck with me, and throughout her first year, I kept my eye out for inspiration and gathered things that fit with what I was going for. Etsy and JoAann Fabrics were my very good friends throughout this whole process! JoAnn Fabrics had a lot of bee items in their spring line this year. Their florals and wood pieces really inspired the overall look of the party.

Throughout the house, I had vases filled with wildflowers I handpicked from local shop, Andrew’s Garden, light wood bee decorations, and lots of eucalyptus and baby’s breath. I wanted everything to feel light and airy, and I used antique books and candle holders to give it a bit of a romantic vibe.

I’m used to throwing parties outside, but it was nice to set up and decorate everything indoors. I was able to prep a lot the days leading up to the party and that helped free up my time the night before the party. Throwing a party with three small kids is no small feat!

Here are some of the items I bought off Etsy:

Another fun element was putting the menu together. The kids enjoyed helping me come up with names for our food. We feasted on bee’s knees biscuits, nectar cups (fruit salad), forager fried chicken, a queen bee’s cheeseboard, pollinator mac and cheese, and a strawberry field salad. For dessert, I purchased cookies from a local woman (White Marble Bakery), made honey cupcakes and stacked store-bought glazed donuts to make “beehives”. My husband made the wood hexagon cupcake holder and it turned out perfectly.

To say thank you to our families, we gave them a jar of honey from local beekeeper, Cece’s Honey Bees.

Sage and the kids had a blast at both parties and we are so grateful that our families were able to celebrate with us. Both parties were the sweetest celebrations for our little honeybee.

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