Savoring Little Moments

Every night, my husband and I have a nightly routine with our daughter. It usually starts off with bath time filled with splashing, bubbles and fun toys. We put on her cute, little pajamas and then we pick out a story to read. Before she points to her bookshelf, eagerly awaiting the book we’ll pick out, we turn on her white noise and dim the lights. It creates such a soothing environment, so soothing I’m sometimes tempted to crawl right into bed.

It’s so easy to be distracted throughout the day with my to-do list, all of the errands I need to run, work I haven’t finished, etc. and it’s just hard to find time. It’s something I’ve been struggling with a lot lately, so the last several nights, I’ve been spending a few extra minutes of alone time with her after story time. Just her and me. I hold her in my arms (which is quite difficult nowadays) and sway back and forth as I sing to her. A lot of the time, she’ll rest her head on my chest and becomes super still.

Most nights are the same, but there was one specific night that really stood out to me. We were sitting on the floor together as I started singing Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” (the song I sing to her every night). As I sang, “when the rain is blowing in your face, and the whole world is on your case, I could offer you a warm embrace to make you feel my love,” she grabbed my chin with her little hands, as to embrace my face just like I was stating in the song. In that little moment all of my worries, fears and stress from the day vanished because even though she couldn’t communicate it, she let me know how much she loved me and was grateful that I was there with her.

It’s a memory I’ll never forget because she showed me what life is about. Her loving gesture helped me recognize none of the busyness matters, and what does matter are the moments I spend with her and my husband. Being present with my family will bring me far more joy than crossing something off my to-do list, or checking my Instagram feed.

So for now, I’ll continue to hold her and sing every night because I know it brings us both comfort spending that quiet time together, and someday I’ll miss being able to hold my baby in my arms and being overwhelmed by the sweet fragrance of her shampoo. And I’ll continue to be present and make a point to recognize her kind actions because these are the moments I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life, and the times we’ll both cherish when we look back on her younger years.

Here’s to hoping all of us can continue savoring little moments, big moments and the in-between moments through all the chaos of life.

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