DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape


I know, it’s not actual Thanksgiving week, but I’m declaring it Thanksgiving Week here at Marina Makes because I’ll be sharing some turkey day content today and the rest of the week.

I love hosting get-togethers at our house. It’s my favorite time having all of our friends and/or family in one room. This past Sunday we hosted Friendsgiving at our house and it was such a joy having some of our friends over to eat, drink and just enjoy each other’s company. It was a pretty memorable Friendsgiving for a couple of reasons… it was the first Friendsgiving in our home, our first time attempting to make a turkey, our daughter got to join in on the festivities later on and the power went out in the middle of day while our turkey was roasting. Oh, did I forget to mention we have an electric stove? Yep. It totally slowed down all of our cooking and I’m convinced it’s the main reason why our turkey was on the dryer side. Or, probably because we’re amateurs.

I totally panicked about the power at first, but it actually ended up working to my advantage because it bought me some time to get other things together, like the tablescape I created for most of us to sit around. A lot of my inspiration for our tablescape came from some of the pictures included in this October’s issue of Magnolia Journal. Joanna Gaines IS my spirit animal. I love her style and she’s just so talented and humble. I’m so excited to subscribe to Magnolia Journal. It’s full of inspiration and tips.img_7053



To make the tablescape I used larger sticks that we saved from cutting down a tree in our yard. If you don’t have any laying around, I’d suggest walking through a forest preserve. I also used different variations of eucalyptus that I purchased at Trader Joe’s. I believe some grocery stores also sell the same types pictured below and if not, pick some fall looking greenery or flowers. I added neutral pumpkins I bought a few weeks ago and placed them on little wood stumps to add different shapes and dimensions to the table. The pumpkins helped pull through the fall look I was going for.

I also wanted to fancy the table up and purchased some light gray napkins from World Market. I couldn’t find them online, but they sell them as a six-pack in stores. I added a branch of eucalyptus to each napkin and tied it all together with some hemp string and cardboard tags I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I bought the stamp I used on the tags from Target – they have an amazing dollar section filled with seasonal items this year. If you can’t find a stamp at Target, you can find festive stamps at your local craft store.



Everything was super easy to put together and the tablescape turned out exactly how I envisioned it – earthy and warm. I’d love to know what you think! If you’re inspired to create your own Thanksgiving tablescape, be sure to tag your photos with #marinamakesdiy.


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