Monthly Baby Pictures

Ahhhh the pressure we (moms) put on ourselves to get a photo of our child to turn out perfectly each month. I can’t tell you how difficult the last 3 months were trying to get our daughter to sit still for a photo – some of the candids we took were very interesting!

So many of my friends and the people I follow on Instagram have found the cutest way to celebrate their babe through photos each month. I’ve seen pictures of a mom or dad holding the baby the same way in their arms, the baby propped up in a chair with the same stuffed animal each month, or having a number (coinciding with how many months they are) right beside them.

Before our daughter was born, I thought about the ways we’d celebrate how many months she was through photos. We didn’t know the gender at the time, but I knew if we had a girl, I wanted to somehow display empowering, sweet quotes next to her. I ended up finding an old window at an antique store to put in the nursery and painted the glass with chalkboard paint, which is what I eventually used to display the quotes.

When she was born I moved ahead with my idea and sat her on a stool under the window with a different bouquet of flowers each month (I tried to coordinate with the time of year, too).

Just like that, she went from being our little peanut to our moving toddler – I blinked and it happened. Luckily, these pictures are a great keepsake for us to look back on.  If you’re inspired by this post when thinking about your own child’s monthly pictures, be sure to tag your photos with #marinamakesdiy.


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