Tips on Antique Shopping

There’s nothing quite like setting foot in a great antique store. The smell of old knick knacks and clutter really get my creative juices flowing… I’m not kidding! I’ve been collecting antiques for almost four years now at various stores and flea markets and while most of my trips are enjoyable, I find it’s also very easy to get overwhelmed.

Below are a few tips on how to conquer any of the fears you have about buying someone else’s old items.

  1. Start antiquing during the holidays. If you’ve never been antique shopping before, right around Halloween or Christmas is a great time to start because it’s the time of year when you most likely need decor for your house and it will help ease you into the experience.
  2. Find inspiration beforehand to figure out your style and what you like. Watch some Fixer Upper or check out a couple of these instagrams: @antiquefarmhouse, @ourvintagenest and @lifeontheshadygrove
  3. Determine what you want to buy. Think about what you want to purchase before you step foot in the shop or flea market. Being on a mission for a few distinct pieces will prevent you from becoming distracted by the millions of items surrounding you.
  4. Bring the proper vehicle. You never know what you are going to find during your trip – the antique door or dresser you’ve always wanted could be right there in front of you. Before we had an SUV, we’d borrow my parents’ or in-laws’ car and we enjoyed having the extra space if we ever needed it.
  5. Be patient. It’s okay if you go a couple of trips without finding exactly what you want. I tend to be very impatient, especially when trying to find a specific piece, but I’ve found patience is definitely a virtue. Visit multiple locations – it will be worth it!

I hope these tips are helpful and that you enjoy all the happiness that comes with finding the antique you’ve been searching for. Happy hunting!

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