Garden Party: Outdoor Decorations

We live in an area surrounded by trees and have a creek that runs through our backyard, and because of this, our yard is very “one with nature”. When thinking through themes for our daughter’s first birthday, a garden/flower theme sparked my interest; I envisioned turning our backyard into a rustic tea party with white table clothes, flowers in in jars and food and sweets galore. Click here to see how I executed my vision.


One of the easiest and most fun DIY crafts for me was putting together the banner and vases that hung from the big, old tree in our backyard. It added extra wonderment to the day and tied the natural elements of our backyard to the rest of the decor.


It was a bit of a project hanging everything up (my dad fell off a ladder in the process -sorry, dad), but putting everything together beforehand was a breeze. I put the hanging vases together by buying antique glass milk bottles (can be found here at Hobby Lobby) and filling them with mini roses and baby’s breath. I tied burlap twine around the necks of the bottles to hang them from the tree.

As for the doily banner, I’m pretty sure I made enough of it to wrap around the world twice. Fortunately it didn’t take too much time! Below are the steps I took to make it. The materials I used were burlap twine, paper doilies, Mod Podge and a sponge brush. 


Begin by folding the paper doilies in half.


Next, lay out the twine and place it in between one of the folded doilies.



Apply Mod Podge (or some sort of other glue) to the edges of the middle of the doily, fold it over and press down to ensure both sides stick together. Repeat this step with the rest of the doilies.

If you end up finding inspiration from this post, don’t forget to tag your photos with #marinamakesdiy!

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