Garden Party First Birthday

Having a child definitely makes life more magical and both my husband and I agree that seeing her eyes light up when she sees or experiences something for the first time is the coolest thing ever. After witnessing this so many times, I’ve made a promise to myself to make all holidays, birthdays, seasonal activities, random Fridays extra special, sparkling, whimsical and dreamy in our family. Why, you ask? Because childhood memories are so sweet and important, and I want to try my best making our children’s childhoods as fun as can be. I’m not talking big or grandiose, I just want our children to remember the little details or simple moments that made our traditions/holidays what they were.

I tried to do just that with our daughter’s first birthday. I may have gone a bit overboard,  but every minute was meaningful to me. Even though she wasn’t going to remember any of it, she’d have pictures and videos to look back on, and she’d be able to re-live it, and that was important to me.

I decided to go with a garden party theme because her birthday is in the summer when flowers are typically in bloom, and I always pictured having her party outside. Plus, garden parties are just so girly and I love having a daughter. Below are some pictures from the party and I plan on posting DIY posts for each of the elements. Looking back on it, it wasn’t perfect and some stuff didn’t go as planned, but it was the most beautiful day celebrating our daughter with our family and friends. It was also really cool to see all of my “visions” put to fruition.









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