Spring Home Decor Inspiration

This Monday marked the first official day of spring which means cool weather, flowers blooming, Easter celebrations and birds chirping when the sun comes out. I love the light, floral atmosphere that the season brings, and definitely enjoy incorporating that into our home decor.



As always, I used a mix of items I found at our local antique store and some things I’ve purchased at stores like Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. The rusted lunch box, shutter, ceramic egg, Peter Rabbit booklet and floral banner pictured below are all from an antique store. I also used a variety of flowers I had left over from a brunch I hosted this past weekend.





While decorating this year, I thought a lot about my mindset while decorating and what made it easy, and I wanted to share a couple of tips:

  1. If it’s within your taste, decorate with light or pastel colors.
    I’ve noticed many stores are selling items with a lighter color spectrum, and pastels and Easter have always gone hand in hand together. I don’t think this will ever be something that goes out of style.
  2. Use a variety of glass jars and flowers to add texture and color to your home.
    I placed several glass jars in different widths and heights to add some color and depth to our kitchen table and media cabinet. Placing different flowers in each one will make your home resemble a field of wildflowers. Nothing screams spring more than that! Real flowers or fake flowers work for this tip.
  3. Home Goods will likely be your best option when shopping for decor.
    Other than our local antique store, I found some of my favorite items at Home Goods and could have bought plenty more. Home Goods is swarming with beautiful, affordable decor, and I’d highly recommend visiting your local store before going anywhere else.They also sell a lot of fake greenery and spring kitchen items that I hope to buy at the end of the season.



If you end up finding inspiration from this post, don’t forget to tag your photos with #marinamakesdiy!

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