My Daughter’s Greatest Role Model

I’ll start this off by saying this is a brag post, but I swear, it’s more than well-deserved and for the right reasons…

At the age of 18 (going on 19), I met my soul mate. Throughout high school, I knew who he was, but didn’t think he ever noticed me. Turns out, he did notice my weirdo-self in the halls of our school, but decided not to pursue a relationship with me at the time. Even though he was right in front of me, it felt like he fell from the sky. It was so unexpected, so different from my other “relationships”, and I immediately felt like I found the person my heart had been searching for all of my life.

Throughout our relationship he constantly showed me he cared and I truly felt that he loved every part of me (crazy and all). He never talked down to me, always voiced how much he believed in me, and never disrespected my morals and values.  I remember thinking his gestures, words and kind heart would have to change because it all seemed too good to be true.

There are times when I can’t stand my husband, and there are plenty of times I drive him nuts. Trust me, we are far from perfect, but through all of the craziness, fights and disagreements, there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t still treat me with that same respect he always has, and I will forever be thankful for that. Not just because he’s what I had always hoped to find in a husband, but because he sets such a good example for how a man should treat a woman to our daughter.

In a world where some men have the mindset that women aren’t equal to them, shouldn’t make as much money, or deserve to be disrespected physically or verbally, you’d think I’d be afraid to raise a daughter. But I’m not. And that’s because she’s got her dada showing her that mindset is horrific and far from the truth.

She’s got an encouraging man by her side constantly magnifying her strengths by cuddling with her, reading with her, and singing loudly together. She has a male teacher showing her how to be kind to others. Someone who sees and voices the potential she has to be a smart, independent woman by congratulating her with high fives and smiles when she tries or conquers something new on her own. She’s got a prince charming who greets her with a hug and kiss when he comes home from work, and gets down at her level to dance with her morning, noon and night.

Last, but absolutely not least, she has a picture into what her future can look like with a respectful and kind husband.  She has a father who is patient, loving and affectionate when she is and isn’t around. He shows her every day that it’s possible to spend the rest of your life with your best friend through his actions towards me.

I know there are many other men out there like my husband, but when I sit back and think about the role model he is to my daughter and me, I can’t help but feel like we hit the jackpot. I know our daughter will always feel that way too.

P.S. Brett, the next time I get angry because of your little hoarder piles around the house, or your rants about politics, just remember this post and that through it all, I’m so crazy about you! 😉


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