Essential Spring Outdoor Antiques

It was in the sixties here on Saturday (a rare occurrence these days), so we tried our best to stay outdoors. I went on a very long walk with our daughter, where she collected about a trees worth of sticks, and in the afternoon we jogged to the downtown area in our town. It was a breath of fresh air (literally) being able to enjoy the weather and our neighborhood. 

This weekend definitely made me feel like spring was around the corner and got me thinking that soon enough, it’ll be time to landscape our backyard, buy flowers, and bring out my favorite outdoor antiques we’ve had stored in the shed. 

Our local antique shop, Antiques of Winfield, always hosts an outdoor spring event where they display all of their “spring” items in the parking lot for customers to purchase. It’s my favorite time to snag some outdoor essentials to place around our house. This year, I’m looking for an outdoor bench to put in our backyard, and maybe some more watering cans (shhh! don’t tell my husband).



Knowing that there are likely other places hosting similar spring events, I wanted to share some of the pieces I’ve collected over the years that make for very nice outdoor pieces.

  • Antique Chair
    A chair is a great piece to place in a plant/flower bed that has a variety and depth of flowers/plants. Another way to display the chair is by placing it near a front door or on a porch with other pots/flowers around it.
  • Shutter and/or Wood Ladder
    Place an antique shutter or ladder up against a big tree, with other antique items beside it, or place a series of shutters with flower pots hanging from them. You can find so much outdoor inspiration for shutters on Pinterest.
  • Antique Shovel
    A shovel is a great piece to lean against a shutter/ladder or place among a flower bed.
  • Watering Cans
    Rusted, metal watering cans are the coolest antiques to plant flowers in. Last year, I found these very delicate, small flowers to plant in our watering can, and I loved how well it looked together.
  • Tin Bucket/Planter
    This is the perfect item to use in place of a pot. Last year, I put a variety of flowers in the one pictured, and they all grew together making our front door display super colorful.

If you end up finding inspiration from this post and buying any of the above items at an antique store/flea market, I’d love to see your photos! Don’t forget to tag #marinamakesdiy.

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