Date Night In Box

I love spending time with my little family of three, but definitely miss the days when my husband and I could sporadically go to dinner, or walk around IKEA just the two of us. While we make an effort to put our marriage first by spending time just the two of us once a week, or once every couple of weeks, work schedules and the business of life make it difficult to plan and execute.

No matter how crazy life gets, I can’t stress how important date nights are for us and how much I appreciate spending quality time together. Lucky for us, both sets of our parents live super close and just so happen to love spending time with our daughter. Even so, we feel bad asking them 27 times a month!


If you’ve been following my Instagram story, or saw my Facebook Live video,  you know I recently received a Date Night In box.  Date Night In is a subscription box created by couples who truly value time together (minus children) and understand the stress and planning that go along with going out on dates. Every box is delivered and filled with fun, unique, and spontaneous date night items, ideas, and activities, all aimed to keep date nights alive. Each month has a new theme, adding excitement to a night at home.


We received April’s box, To The Moon and Back, and couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and romantic evening in our home. I thoroughly enjoyed not having to plan our activities or stress over finding someone to watch our daughter, and I loved anticipating what was inside the box before we opened it. It gave us something to look forward to. Best part, we were able to complete all of the activities in our sweat pants and hop straight into bed after. My kind of date nowadays!

We started the night off, setting the mood with our custom date night in playlist that included classic, romantic songs we both enjoyed. As the music filled the room, we baked sweet, soft sugar cookies (the easiest cookies I’ve ever made!) and made luminaries, poking holes in the bag in the shape of  the constellations, Perseus and Andromeda.



After the cookies finished baking, we drank hot cocoa on the couch with our luminaries lighting up the room. We read up on the stargazing love story included in the welcome packet and swiped through the star gazing map.

Date nights are always important, whether you spend them inside or outside your home and it’s thanks to Date Night In we were able to have one-on-one time this weekend and do something totally different for a change. The activities inside the box were fun, hassle-free and stuff we would have never come up with! I’m looking forward to ordering more boxes in the future, including purchasing some as gifts for the lovely couples in our life. To order a subscription and learn more about the sweet couples behind this box, visit

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