DIY Fourth of July Craft

Anyone else feel like the patriotic decor selection is lacking this year? A few years ago, I hit the jackpot at Joann Fabrics so I have a some stuff stocked up, but this year, I’d like more to fill some space on our shelves or to place outside.

Because it’s been difficult for me to find anything to add to my collection, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own. The great thing about decorating this time of year is that anything rustic fits in with red, white and blue, making crafting easier because a majority of stores carry DIY items with a rustic look and feel.

While browsing Hobby Lobby (a frequent occurrence lately), I sifted through their wood board and panel section and thought through Fourth of July crafts. I decided it would be easy enough to buy one of their wood boards and paint something patriotic on it. Luckily, my next stop was Target and I found a $3 hanging cutout of the U.S. that I planned on using as my stencil for the craft.


Putting this together didn’t take much skill and thanks to nap time I got it done under an hour. Pretty cool! Below are the supplies I used and the directions I took to make it. Just a note, I bought outdoor paint because I plan on displaying it outside – I think it will be a nice welcoming piece.

To make my craft, I bought a wood board from Hobby Lobby (they have a variety) outdoor acrylic paint, tape measure, paint brush, a paint marker to trace the outline of America and a cutout of the U.S. from Target’s dollar spot section (any stencil will work just fine too) and sanding paper.

First, I placed the map of the U.S. on the board and measured it to ensure it was centered.


Next, I taped it down to the board to avoid it from slipping while I traced around it with the paint marker. When it was secure, I traced along the edges with my paint marker.



Finally, I painted the map, being very careful around the edges of the outline. I finished it off by sanding it to give it a more rustic look. That’s it!



If you end up making this craft, or find inspiration, don’t forget to tag your photos with #marinamakesdiy!

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