One Month to Go!

Guys… I am so ready to have this baby. As much as I love my sleep and our time as a family of three, I am one tired mama. These days, I find myself daydreaming about being able to wear normal clothes and sleep on my stomach again. I can see the finish line!

More importantly, I can’t wait to meet this little guy, who continues to squirm and be active around the clock. As I type this, he’s sticking his butt up in the air and kicking, making my stomach look distorted as ever. He’s already a character!


My husband and I often talk about what we think his personality will be like. Based on his movement, I’m thinking he’s going to be a handful, but my husband thinks he’ll be calm, one time saying, “I know my son.” We wonder if he’ll look the same as our daughter or completely different. She’s starting to look more and more like my husband, and we’ll soon see who he resembles.

Our daughter got super excited the other day when I told her that while I’m rocking, feeding or changing her little brother, she can do the same with her baby. The big grin that span across her face was priceless – I have a feeling she’s going to rock this whole big sister thing. Mostly because she’ll be able to boss him around! Kidding… kind of.


We officially moved her into her “big girl room” equipped with pink walls, her very own big girl bed and all of her toys. She handled it like a boss. We thought she slept really well in her crib, but she sleeps even better in her bed. #proudmama I plan on posting pictures of her new room and the different nooks we put together, so stay tuned. Our big girl loves her new room.

We’re putting the finishing touches on his nursery – it’s nautical theme. We kept the furniture we used for our daughter, but we’re adding decor with boyish charm to the room to freshen it up. I also bought a few things we’ll need to accommodate having two kids, most of them being from this list of  baby #2 essentials I posted a couple months back.


I feel prepared for him to be here, but I’m a little nervous at the same time because I forgot all about the newborn phase and how draining it can be. We survived the first two years of parenthood, so I’m thinking we’ll survive this round as well. Cheers to all of you parents juggling and loving multiples – I’ll soon be able to relate and as nervous as I am, I’m really looking forward to the journey and lessons learned!


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