Sleeping Beauty Toddler Birthday Party

Last month, we celebrated our daughter’s birthday with family and friends at our home. Anyone who knows Peyton knows she’s obsessed with all things Disney princess: she constantly wears a dress or tutu, loves to sing all of the songs, and if you put a princess movie on, it’s like Christmas!

About six months ago, I started asking her what kind of party she wanted and at that point, she was on a Sleeping Beauty kick, so of course she responded as such as began to get excited.



In the months following, my mission was to figure out exactly what we were going to do for the party. There are so many different parts of Sleeping Beauty – there’s a royal aspect to the movie, but there are also several woodland scenes, and then there’s the fairy cottage and the pricking of the spinning wheel. So much going on in one movie. I knew I had to hone in on one part, so whenever Peyton watched the movie, I paid close attention to the scenes she enjoyed most. It seemed like her favorite was the scene where Sleeping Beauty is dancing with the woodland animals and meets Prince Phillip for the first time. Her favorite song was none other than, “Once Upon a Dream”.



So I went with it and decided to create a magical Once Upon a Dream party for our little Sleeping Beauty. The day was sunny, filled with white roses, eucalyptus and woodland friends.





The menu featured foods from some of Peyton’s favorite characters. Peyton and her friends enjoyed playing pin the tail on Samson and finding woodland animals throughout the yard. It was such a nice time.



I think Peyton’s favorite part was her birthday cake, which our local grocery store made to look like the one Flora, Fauna and Merryweather created for Rose in the movie.


We had so much fun celebrating our sweet girl and her excitement celebrating with friends and family on her special day was the best.

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