Halloween Baskets – 2019

Last year, I started the tradition of giving the kids Halloween baskets on October 1 to kick off the month and get them even more excited for Halloween. We really enjoy Halloween at our house (minus the scary stuff!) and look forward to continuing on with our Halloween family traditions.

This year’s baskets include a mix of things for the kids to enjoy and some crafts that we can do together, and as I do with all of my holiday baskets, I included a book for each of them. We love reading together and it’s fun to bring out books at certain times of the year. It adds to the magic! Amazon has a really great selection of Halloween books with gorgeous illustrations and the cutest story lines. A lot of them are around $10 too!


Here’s what I included in each of their baskets:

  • Baskets are from Amazon and come in a two pack!
  • Bat finger puppets – I found these cuties at Whole Foods, but you can also purchase them on Amazon.
  • Paper mache pumpkins that I plan to paint with the kiddos – I found these at Michaels, but you can find them at Target or other craft stores too.
  • Halloween painting crafts – I bought these from Joann Fabrics, but again, you can find this and many more cheap Halloween crafts at craft stores.
  • Stickers are from Target
  • Their adorable books are from Amazon – Stumpkin and How to Make Friends with a Ghost
  • We also bought them The Scariest Book Ever and Pick a Pumpkin – both are really cute (not pictured)
  • Halloween jammies are from Burt’s Bees


I hope this was helpful if you plan on gathering goodies for your little ones! I’m posting this for inspiration and want you to know that if putting baskets together isn’t your thing, or if you don’t have time, or are not in the right financial state, that’s totally okay!! Basket or not, I hope you’re excited to make some memories with your little ones this holiday.

P.S. I posted the baskets and all of the goodies in them on Instagram stories!

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