Spooky S’more Spider Webs

Anyone else have their Halloween decorations up already? My daughter and I had a blast putting them up together, but man, those fake spider webs just cling to everything! I feel like I’m going to be finding spider web fuzzies around our house for months.


This week, I learned that there’s an even messier version of fake spider webs – marshmallow spider webs. They are even more sticky, and cling to EVERYTHING, but are so worth it because they make treats super spooky!! How cute are these spider webs? They taste just like a s’mores and are made with pizelles, melted semisweet chocolate and melted marshmallows. I just love putting together spooky treats during Halloween. They make the holiday a little extra special. The kids loved these!



To melt the chocolate, I followed Nielsen-Massey’s Better Your Bake (#BetterYourBake) instructions on how to temper chocolate. The chocolate turned out glossy and smooth, and it was really easy to get the chocolate to melt the proper way with their directions.



Nielsen-Massey launched their Better Your Bake campaign this year, and it’s been such a helpful resource! According to the company, recent studies have shown that creative activities, such as baking, help people feel more relaxed and happier in their everyday lives. But in order to benefit from the mindful nature of baking, basic techniques must first be mastered. “Better Your Bake” delivers technique-based videos, tips and tools to help home bakers learn and master the basics of baking with the help of Nielsen-Massey products. They have dozens of resources and recipes – check out the site here.


Nielsen-Massey graciously sent me a bottle of their Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract and also offered to send a bottle to one of my followers! This giveaway will end tonight (9/24/2019) at 11:59 p.m. To enter, visit my Facebook or Instagram, comment on my latest post with your favorite fall dessert and tag a friend (in order to be entered to win, you must tag a friend). The more comments, the more entries you’ll get. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning (9/25/2019).


If you end up making this recipe, don’t forget to tag #marinamakeseats!

Spooky S’more Spider Webs

Makes 9 spider webs


  • 9 vanilla pizelle rounds
  • 1 cup of semisweet baking chips
  • Halloween sprinkles
  • 5 oz of large marshmallows
  • Candy eyes for topping


Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper and place the pizelle rounds on top.

To temper the chocolate, follow the below instructions taken from Nielsen-Massey’s Better Your Bake site:

  1. Roughly chop the chocolate into bite size pieces. Reserve ¼ of the chocolate. Place the remaining ¾ of chocolate into a dry, heat-proof bowl and set aside.
  2. Fill a pot with 1-2 inches (2.5-5cm) water and place on the stove. Create a double boiler by placing the bowl over the pot. Bring the water to a simmer over medium heat.
  3. Let the chocolate warm over the hot water, uncovered, until it is about two-thirds melted. Do not allow any water to splash or touch the chocolate or it will cause the chocolate to seize.
  4. Once chocolate is about two-thirds melted, gently stir it to prevent burning. Allow the chocolate to melt until it reaches 115°F (45°C). Use a candy thermometer to check the temperature of the chocolate, being careful to avoid touching the thermometer to the bowl. When the chocolate’s temperature reaches 115°F (45°C), remove the melted chocolate from the pot and set aside.
  5. Add the reserved ¼ chocolate to the melted chocolate, stirring continuously until all pieces have melted and the chocolate reaches 79°F (26°C).
  6. Raise the temperature of the chocolate to 89°F (32°C) by briefly placing it back over the pot of simmering water or microwaving it for 5 seconds at a time.
  7. Test the chocolate by dipping a knife or some parchment paper a half inch into the bowl. If the chocolate sets within 5 minutes to a satiny texture and glossy finish, it is ready to use. If it is being used for dipping, make sure the mixture stays near 89°F (32°C) by stirring frequently or microwaving it in 5-second bursts.

Top each pizelle round with a tablespoon or two of chocolate and spread it across with a spatula. Top each round with Halloween sprinkles and set in the refrigerator to cool and harden completely.

When the chocolate has hardened, place the marshmallows in a microwave-safe bowl and cook them in the microwave for 20 seconds. Take the bowl out of the microwave and DO NOT stir.

Using one of your hands, pick up a pizelle and using your other hand, grab a little little bit of the marshmallow. Using your fingers, spread the marshmallow apart to create long, sticky strings and wrap them around the pizelle quickly. Repeat this with the remaining pizelles and marshmallows. This takes some practice, so don’t be too hard on yourself if your web doesn’t turn out the first couple of times!

Top the pizelles with candy eyes (place them on top of the sticky marshmallow), and enjoy!

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