Garden Party Thank Yous & Activities

Last week, I began recapping our daughter’s garden party first birthday, including the homemade menu and outdoor decorations we created. Click here to see a summary post and pictures of the festivities.

Today, I want to share one of the activities we had going on (which the girls seemed to love), as well as the way we thanked our gracious friends and family for coming. Both were elements I pondered about for a while in my hostess head because I wanted everyone to have a good time and try my best to thank our guests properly.

While I would have loved to have enough time to create some DIY outdoor games, I just didn’t have the capacity mentally or physically, so I decided upon creating a flower crown table in our backyard for all of the women at the party to create their own flower crowns. I loved the idea of our guests sporting flowers in their hair, but in the back of my head was worried nobody would participate. Luckily, we have some really creative and daring family and friends, and most of the women at the party left with a flower crown on their head. It was so cute to see!

At the table, I had mini roses, baby’s breath, flower tape and wire, and a set of directions that I found here.





To thank our guests (could never have thanked them enough), we gave them each a mini terracotta pot with a packet of seeds to say thanks for helping our daughter grow. I made the little seed packets myself by purchasing mini cardboard packets from Hobby Lobby and marking each one with a flower stamp. I purchased the seeds from a local hardware store and placed a small amount in each packet.



That’s all folks! I know this post was more of a recap than tutorials, but I hope it inspires you to host your next party! If this post helped spark your creativity, don’t forget to tag #marinamakesdiy.

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